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The Orderlyforlee Podcast is about Grace, Race and Confederate Heritage from a Black Perspective.  The host, Orderlyforlee, invites you on one wild Southern ride!!  Robert E. Lee's Orderly A Modern Black Man's Confederate Journey was published by Al Arnold, native Mississippian, in October of 2015. His second work, an expanded version,"Robert E. Lee's Orderly A Black was published August 3, 2018. 

 His ancestor, Turner Hall, Jr., was an Orderly for Robert E. Lee during the Civil War and was a Slave of another famous Southern General, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Arnold takes you on the journey of his discovery, the people he has met and the stories he has heard. Hear how ghost story unraveled right in the midst of all of the controversy on Confederate monuments, Southern Heritage and the racial climate of 2015 following the Charleston Church Shooting and the battle over the Mississippi State Flag. 


The Author's book has sold over 6,000 copies with a 4.7 Star Rating.  A Signed copy can be obtained at

The Original book has a forward by Southerner, Dr. Otis Pickett, Phd and Professor of history at Mississippi College.  This version can be obtained in Audio, E-book and MP3 at the author's Webpage.

The 2018 Extended Edition has a foreword by James Meredith, Author and one of the last living Civil Rights Icons and prescribes a message of Grace, Race and Confederate Heritage by telling three stories: The story of his great-great grandfather, his story wrapped around the greatest story, the Cross!

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 Papa Turner, Robert E. Lee's Orderly Displaying Confederate Reunion Medals


Me & Pop Bennie, The Son-N-Law to Papa Turner


My Great Grandmother, Mama Will, The Youngest Daughter of Papa Turner and Wife of Pop Bennie


My Grandfather, Ras Arnold and My Grandmother, Arine Arnold, The Grandaugther of Papa Turner & the Daughter of Pop Bennie & Mama Will

Jan 3, 2019

The Cannonball House and the Story of Cora Lundy, the slave, who lived there and the Hero Sons that she raised. One Wild Southern Ride takes you into the life of the Cannonball House and the discovery of a Black family that surpassed the circumstances of their day to arrive as true American Heroes.  Cora was once featured in the research of Henry Louis Gates, Jr in his series, "Tracing Your Roots:" Three of Cora's sons served in World War II. One of them was distinguished with a medal of honor for his bravery during the War. Orderlyforlee interviews Archivist, Wayne Dobson of the Cannonball House in Macon Georgia to uncover the lives of the Black people who lived there. Cora born between the year of 1850-1853 died on December 14, 1921 in Macon, GA. For over 40 years, Cora worked in the Cannonball House. Judge Asa Holt built the home in 1853.. During the  Battle of Dunlap's Hill in 1864, a cannonball landed in the parlor of the home and thus the name of the home. 

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 Book: Robert E. Lee's Orderly A Modern Black Man's Confederate Journey Published October 2015 (Foreword by Historian, Dr. Otis W. Pickett, PH.D)

Extended Edition: Published August 2018 (Foreword by James Meredith, Author and one of the last living Civil Rights Icons)

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